• Full Stack Software Engineer - Growth

    Vercel·Jul 2022 - Current
    • Develop experiments to boost growth at Vercel.
    • Develop marketing landing pages.
  • Fullstack Software Engineer - Site

    Vercel·Apr 2022 - Jul 2022
    • Working on the entire stack from backend billing code, to styling frontend components.
    • Developing landing pages on Vercel's homepage.
  • Undergraduate / Doctoral Researcher

    College of Computing, MTU·Nov 2020 - Apr 2022
    • Development and validation of a language providing an interface between sensor data streams using Racket for research supported by the U.S.Navy through an SBIR(N20A - T010) with Applied Research in Acoustics Inc(ARiA).Work classified and no further information can be shared.
    • Developed an IDE for undergraduate students to learn the Alloy programming language. The IDE (named shakudo), allow users to drag and drop discrete mathematics structures together using Google's Blockly and dynamically edits the Alloy source code to allow for responsive model simulation.
    • Maintain a Web-App for a research project funded by the National Science Foundation analyzing the environmental impact. Design and implementation of a MySQL database linking all project data together.Design of a Web - App for researchers to access the database in a visual form.
  • Undergraduate / Graduate Researcher

    Planetary Surface Technology Development Lab·May 2020 - Apr 2022
    • Created a component library for developing robotic systems.
    • Developed ground control, communication, vision, and mobility software for the NASA award winning T-REX lunar rover prototype.
    • System design and the development communication, and ground control software for the NASA LuSTR 2020 MTU testing bed, 'HOPLITE'.
    • Developed an autonomous 3-axis gravity offloading system for the PSTDL's lunar simulant platform.
    • System design on NASA Watts on the Moon.
    • Conducted system testing of lunar rover prototypes.
  • Software Engineer

    Ampel Feedback·Dec 2017 - Jan 2020
    • Designed and implemented open-source packages that were used in the backend infrastructure. Consisted of ORM database connectors, REST API generation, authentication, etc. Used packages to develop the entire backend.
    • Developed an iOS application using a serverless backend that operated as kiosk collecting in the moment feedback from customers at a wide variety of businesses.
  • Software Engineering Intern

    Solution Studio·Aug 2017 - Dec 2017
    • Developed MVP for Ampel Feedback
    • Developed interactive Facebook Messenger bots for businesses to use in marketing campaigns.
    • AdWords Marketing
    • AdWords A/B Tracking