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Hello, my name is

Elijah Cobb

I am a Full Stack Engineer in Seattle, WA.
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Hi! My name is Elijah Cobb. I am currently a Full Stack Engineer at Vercel. My passion for Software Engineer started when I was 12. I loved making iOS Apps with Objective-C and UIKit. From there, I began web development and landed my first job working for a startup after High School.

Ampel Feedback was a startup founded in Traverse City providing businesses with a point-of-sale kiosk feedback system. Providing businesses in-the-moment feedback, Ampel was used at coffee shops, fitness studios, banks, etc. I developed the original iPad Application MVP and upon a pivot, I created the backend software using NodeJS, MongoDB, TypeScript, etc.

After Ampel, I joined a robotics laboratory at my university called the Planetary Surface Technology Development Lab (PSTDL). The PSTDL does R&D for lunar ISRU robotics technologies. I developed control software and ground control applications to control our robotics using popular web technologies such as ReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, etc.

I started a Ph.D. and pretty quickly found that it was not the best path for me. Upon deciding to leave, I joined Vercel. I am currently a Full Stack Engineer at Vercel on the Growth team and could not be happier. I moved across the country from Northern Michigan to Seattle, WA.

In addition to work, I enjoy playing hockey, skiing, hiking, biking, and listening to music. I play music about 50% of every waking second of my day. In fact, check out what I am listening to right now!


Full Stack Engineer @ Vercel

Apr 2022 - Current

  • Working with the Growth team to iterate on previous products, build new features, and experiment with platform changes.
  • Working on the entire stack from backend billing code, to styling frontend components.
  • Developing landing pages on Vercel's homepage.