2023elijahcobbThe site you are looking at right now! :)
2023type-guarderA simple, powerful and flexible runtime type checker for TypeScript.
2023chessA chess simulator built with Next.js + AssemblyScript.
2023wordleA wordle client using the current NYT wordle of the day, but with a nice UI.
2022game-of-lifeConway's game of life made with Next.js + React.js.
2022hnA HackerNews client I built with modern web technologies + it looks nice.
2022theatreA full screen media player for the Tesla infotainment system.
2022wrambleWordle meets Scrabble, built with Expo & React Native.
2022▲/analyticsThe Vercel analytics marketing page.
2022▲/edgeThe Vercel edge function marketing page.
2022▲/product-tourTech lead on the Vercel product tour.
2022acorn.socialA social network very similar to a popular one with a bird, but this was has nuts.
2022nhlA mobile web app to view stats on NHL teams and league standings.
2022tiny-roadsA game where you build your own city with realistic traffic simulations.
2021dotmdA web-based markdown editor accessible on any device. Simply sign in with Google and all your files will be synced automatically. Full markdown support, LaTeX, Github syntax highlighting, and much more!
2021cmdAn abstracted, async, easy to use, type-safe function invocation event handler framework.
2021pstdlThe website for the Planetary Surface Technology Development Laboratory at Michigan Technological University.
2021wowView every Owen Wilson 'wow' at random.
2020NMC MusicA web app for member of the Northwestern Michigan College Choirs to access resources.
2020Vacation VillageA web site for a mobile home park in Northern Michigan.
2019abadiThe website for Abadi Labs at Michigan Technological University.